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As demand for soy, beef and palm is growing throughout the world, Asian markets including China, Indonesia and India, are among the fastest growing. In China for example, imports for palm oil are expected to grow at around 10 percent per year as living standards improve. Yet sustainable agriculture is a relatively new concept for these Asian nations where markets are significantly price sensitive and consumer awareness is relatively low.

In an effort to promote learning and exchange ideas and solutions throughout Asian markets, the Good Growth Partnership has launched a dedicated “Asia Learning Exchange.” Led by WWF, the Asia Learning Exchange aims to promote the sharing of ideas and foster learnings relevant to major Asian commodity markets.  Efforts include research that builds government capacity for policy actions; field visits by companies to production sites in Indonesia, Brazil, and Paraguay that demonstrate the negative environmental impacts of deforestation, best practices, and challenges in verification; as well as workshops that encourage Asian traders to consider and mitigate risks in their supply chain.

The Good Growth Partnership is currently calling non-government organizations, research institutes and universities to submit applications for grants that enhance learning and support the exchange of ideas to improve sustainable commodity sourcing among major Asian markets.

To learn more about the Good Growth Partnership’s Asia Learning Exchange contact project manager Margaret Arbuthnot, WWF